About Us

Having been successfully established for over eight years we have built up a huge customer base world wide. Here at PrestigePharma.co.uk we take pride in ensuring we bring you, the customer the best and most sought after brands on the market. We guarantee the highest quality of the products we sell. Several years of successful operation and hundreds of thousands of happy customers let us feel certain about that. All of the brands we promote and sell have been lab tested for purity and potency levels so no characteristics mismatch can escape the eye of our professionals.

Our goal is to essentially provide you with a fast, efficient, reliable service as well as taking time to ensure you have the most pleasant shopping experience possible.

Below is some background information on the brands we offer:

Omega Meds labs: Sprouting onto the market in early 2019, Omega Meds have hit the ground running already building and retaining a customer base of thousands worldwide. Omega Meds sets a new era in sports nutrition. A state of the art company that unites performance enhancement with pharmaceutical-based nutritional technology. Using leading edge research and true product innovation, Omega Meds has developed new, proprietary technologies for dramatically improving athletic and human performance. As we all know building a strong and powerful body is long and difficult process that requires time and consistency. Researchers at Omega Meds are aware of that and are willing to assist our customers in their efforts in reaching their goals.

Magnus Pharmaceuticals: Established in 2003 its fair to say Magnus pharmaceuticals have done more than just proved themselves as a reputable brand. At the moment, they are distributing their products in over 35 countries around the world. Magnus Pharmaceuticals have progressed into a global organisation and have evolved to become one of the most successful pharmaceutical companies across emerging markets. Over the last 15 years, they have strengthened their leadership in India’s pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, they have also strengthened their global focus by consolidating and deepening their presence in the key markets of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Prestige Pharma: Grounded in the market for over eight years we have successfully solidified ourselves as a premium brand that we can happily say stands head and shoulders above many other brands within the steroid market. We guarantee Quality, potency and purity in every batch of Prestige Pharma products. With our present focus towards innovation and a robust growth framework, our drug discovery endeavours continue to play a vital role in the industry of bodybuilding, powerlifting and many other sports. Our mission is to combine a complete range of pharmaceuticals with knowledge from foremost experts in the nutrition field to help people of all ages increase muscle, fitness, performance and strength.