Our Live Chat allows customers to contact us using your favourite platforms free of charge, so you can instantly receive support from our friendly customer support agents and get help for all your steroid needs.

Select the live chat prompt on the lower right portion of your screen. You will be connected to one of our agents and be ready to receive help right away.

What if all agents are offline?

We never leave a message unread. If it so happens that all our agents are offline. We will message you a reply via your email within 12 hours. You are then able to continue the conversation on our live chat.

Introducing Prestige Pharma Callback

Do what live chat can’t: callback gives you the option to talk to one of our team members absolutely FREE. Simply enter your number and wait for call back.

prestige pharma call us

Get on the phone with our customer support

1. Press the Call button on the bottom right of our web-page
2. Select your country and enter your number
3. Wait for a call back from one of our customer support agents.

prestige pharma callback

Callback works 24/7

If our agents are busy or aren’t available to respond to clients, the Callback form will ask you when it’s convenient to contact you again. At the appointed time, we will connect you with one of our agents.